Reactive menopause cure, clockwork recovery menopause legit

Reactive menopause cure, clockwork recovery menopause legit

Reactive menopause cure, clockwork recovery menopause

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How can you tell if you have low estrogen levels? Telltale indicators of low estrogen include hot flashes and missed periods. But some of these symptoms can also occur as a result of other conditions, including thyroid problems. To determine the cause of low estrogen, a doctor may do a blood test to check hormone levels.
Is menopause at 48 too early? The most common age range at which women experience menopause is 48 -55 years. Premature menopause is defines as menopause occurring in a woman younger than 40 years. About 1% of women experience premature, or early menopause, which can be caused by premature ovarian failure or cancer.
Can you donate eggs after menopause? Though it is possible for a woman to conceive any time before and even during menopause, the quality of her eggs declines significantly, and postmenopausal egg freezing is not a good option.
Do I need HRT after menopause? HRT remains licensed for osteoporosis prevention and can be considered the treatment of choice for women starting treatment below age 60 years, and especially for those with a premature menopause. Women on HRT should be re-assessed by their doctor at least annually.
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